Sunny Lifestyle Company
Palm Beach Piazza
Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada
Red Sea, Egypt
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Phone: (+2) 0109 33 70 388
Commercial Register: 51184
TAX ID:  374-346-542
The objects of the company are: • Renting apartments
  • Furnishing apartments
• Hotel services
• Real Estates
Partners of the company: Jürgen Lemmer, Wilma Wittenius, Edgar Rosenmayr, Elka Rosenmayr, Monika Kischel, Mustafa Abdel Aziz
Sunny lifestyle is a Limited Liability Company established in Egypt in April 2011 according to the law NO 159 / 1981. The head office is located in Sahl Hasheesh - Hurghada. The company was incorporated for 25 years (twenty five years) beginning at the date of the commercial register in April 2011.
Information about General Authority for Investment / GAFI in Cairo, Egypt:
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1) Sunny Lifestyle is not a tour operator but is renting out and managing holiday apartments on behalf of private owners.
2) Any sports activities or excursion trips the guest might undertake will be upon his own risk. Sunny Lifestyle does not bear any liability for the guest's activities.
3) Hurghada is a city with lots of shopping facilities, bars and restaurants. All shops, restaurants, cafes and malls mentioned on the website are public places, so no legal responsibility shall be carried by Sunny Lifestyle in case of any complains.  Therefore, all the information about the shopping facilities published on the website shall not be claimed as complete or recommended.
4) Along with lots of small shops there are also some chain supermarkets in each city district, which are often visited by Europeans.
5) Sunny Lifestyle does not gain any kind of commissions from these shops.
6) Self care outside our apartment’s responsibility is carried out by the guest.
7) Self care`s responsibility shall be carried out by the guest him/ herself.
8) Children need more care from their parents, the responsibilities of children's care shall be carried out by their parents.
9) Sunny Lifestyle has no legal responsibility of losing personal stuff if lost outside of our apartments.
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